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Siemens stops producing nuclear power plants

Siemens has announced it will stop producing nuclear power plants. Because of the nuclear disaster in Japan, Germany has decided that it's end of the line for nuclear power plants in Germany. Siemens, a German company, have decided to follow these principles.

Siemens also see a great future for green energy. They think the goal for green energy of 35% for 2020 is pleasible.

A planned joint venture with the Russion Nuclear power plant Rosatom-Konzern is also off. A cooperation with the French Company Areva was already disembarked. This is a good step forward for the use of green energy.

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New lithium ion batteries with gel

Recently scientists have developed a new method for developing lithium ion batteries. Instead of the liquid electrolyte, they have developed a new kind of gel. This gel can be shaped in any shape.

The gel is a mix of polymer and electrolyte. Which removes the need of a porous film polymer seperator and a liquid chemical filler.

Thanks to this, batteries can take any form and they can be produced cheaper. There are less materials needed to produce the battery, saving about 20% of the costs. Because you can bend the battery in all kind of shapes and cut it in any sizes, batteries will fit better and last longer.

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New Wacom drawing tablet

Wacom has introduced a new drawing tablet for creative professionals, the new Cintiq 24HD. This new drawing tablet has a size of 24 inch. It's a High Definition wide screen with realistic colors. The device is specially designed for markets, such as animation, photography and video production.

To make it one of the most ergonomic devices at the moment, the user can adjust the incline and height of the device. The big frame around the screen is designed to be a resting place for the hands and arms. They can also provide easy access to the special shortkeys, located on both sides of the frame.

The special designed pen has 2048 different levels of pressure, so you can experience like you are working with traditional brushes or pens. You can control the line weights or opacity with it. Don't forget the pressure-sensitive eraser and the two side switches that can be customised for common commands. When you combine this with pressure-sensitive software applications, you can produce the best life-like artistic results.

The 29 kilogram weighing tablet is also equipped with a VGA connection and a  HDMI with HDCP-support, so you can blay blu-ray movies on the device.

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Norway favorite in the Netherlands

Norway is one of the most popular destinations from the Netherlands. The people love Norway because of the kind culture in this country. Also the pure nature is very popular. 45% of the Dutch, which are going on a vacation to North Europe, are going to Norway. 19% to Sweden and11% to Denmark, according to a research from zoover.nl.

Zoover.nl also did research to check what the most popular destinations are within Norway. The camping Geiranger is the most popular, with a 9,3. Do you want to go on a city trip? The most popular cities are: Bergen, Alesund and Stavanger.

The greatest downside of this all, is that the most people think that prices in Norway are to high. Especially the prices for food supplies.

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